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Angels & Masters offer Support Through Intentional Orgone

To keep it simple -- there is living energy all around us -- both beneficial (positive) and non beneficial (negative).

Orgone is a neutral energy (ZERO POINT), that works with clearing negative energy and expanding positive energy to create clean and balanced energetic environments.

The Angels & Masters have asked Seina Deer Heart to Co-Create Intentional Orgone with The Alchemist Chamber.

Intentional Orgone is embedded with prayers & affirmations from the Angels & Masters.

When the ORGONE is CHARGED with the INTENTION / AFFIRMATION / PRAYER, then the ORGONE is coded to support and expand the co-creation of the energy/vibration/frequency behind the intent.

An open mind is all you need to experience the peaceful sensations of your "Clean Energy" environment.

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To learn how Orgone Works, view The Alchemist Chamber Products and to purchase the Angels & Masters Intentional Orgone support.

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