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Individual Plans

 We Invite You to Journey to Your Center With a Deep and Wholly Committed Intention.

The journey to our center can be a challenge.

Oftentimes the challenges can bring about debilitating fear and toxic energetic debris that must be cleared.

Having a facilitator for the work of wholeness can make all the difference in our success.

Seina Deer Heart seeks guidance from the Angels and Masters

to open space for and work with individuals seeking support.

Individual Plans are based on a 4 Month Commitment and include:

  • One on One Sessions with Seina Deer Heart ~ one hour per month. These sessions can be video, phone or in person depending upon time and convenience to all parties.

  • Seina will share written guidelines as well as her personal experience for navigating the pathway to wholeness.

  • Seina Deer Heart is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek and has spent decades studying spiritual practices under several teachers and disciplines. Seina combines her guidance from the Angels and Masters along with her studies and personal journey to assist others to walk their journey in a stable and grounded way.

  • Seina Deer Heart has thirty eight years of clean and sober living. Supporting the recovery of others by sharing experience, strength and hope is essential to all recovering individuals.

  • Seina has years of experience as a personal fitness, health & Wellness coach. Seina has also been able to shed 60lbs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness, health and nutrition are essential to successfully hold the energy and consciousness for elevated living.

  • Finding Our Spiritual Center is one of the most challenging journeys. For those who can commit and stay the course the blessings are many. 

Individual Plans Require Making and Keeping Agreements and a Signed Contract.

Time is one aspect of 3D life that is limited.

Seina uses prayer and discernment to determine who will be brought into the Individual Plan Program.

Group Zoom Sessions and Follow Up Conference Calls are

Offered as a Service to Humanity and in Service to Almighty Creator.

Donations are always appreciated.

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