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Fees ~ Payment ~ Donations

Group Sessions, Conference Calls, Individual & Community Plans

are offered as a service to Humanity. Donations are appreciated and Energy Exchanges are a part of the assimilation and evolution process.

Intensive Retreats

Fees are charged to cover expenses of the event.

Meals, Lodging, Materials and Practitioners that are brought in to serve the event.

Intensive Fees will vary and will be posted on the calendar within 30 days of the event.

Register & Donate

Registration for all the opportunities is required. There is communication from Seina Deer Heart that will be sent to each participant. Additionally, Seina and the Angels & Masters will be holding energetic clearing and healing space for each registered participant. Seven Days prior to each event the participant registers for.

Donations Accepted for Events
Select the Event Type

You Will Receive an Email Immediately Following Registration Submission ~

Thanks for Choosing to Join us on the Journey to Love, Forgiveness & Peace!

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