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The Angels and Masters of Heaven

have called for a Community of Spiritual Agents of Change.


Sacred Gathering Space has been Brought Forward

by Agents of Change

who have Answered the Call to

Be the Possibility of Co-Created Change

for the Benefit of Humanity and the Earth.​

We Invite You to Participate in this

Mission of Co-Created Change

and Join Us on the Narrow Road to Love, Forgiveness, and Peace.

We Are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit - And So It Is!

Seina Deer Heart ~ Facilitator

Seina Deer Heart is our Founder and Facilitator.

Her Current Journey began in 1960 when she was brought to this Earth through two teenage parents in North Carolina.

Her mother and father were high school sweethearts that came from two very different worlds.

The differences between these two worlds led to their separation and the beginning of many challenges for Seina Deer Heart.


Seina Deer Heart Holds as Truth that All of the Challenges She has faced brought her to Now.

Now is the time to utilize all of the tools in her belt to Assist Others to Discover the Nature of Things.

Lets Unpack Seina Deer Heart's tool belt for you:

Ordained Order of Melchizedek Minister & Spiritual Facilitor:

Seina Deer Heart works with the Angels & Masters of Heaven & Other Dimensional Beings to Assist Others on Their Journey. Seina Has Studied Philosophy, Religions & Other Spiritual Disciplines as well as Study Under Many Teachers.

38 years of Personal Recovery  & Facilitation Work In:

Seina Committed to Her Journey in 1984. In order to reach her Center, Seina had to address many challenges.

Among them are -- Complex PTSD - Childhood Trauma & Abuse - Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Body Image Issues.

Team Naturally Fit - Health, Nutrition & Fitness Practitioner

Seina Deer Heart's Passions:

Entrepreneurship, Ranching, Writing, Creating, Feng Shui Practitioner & Interior Designer, and

Servant of the Almighty Creator.

Donna Spratt

Donna is from North Carolina. She served her country in the US Army and is now permanently disabled due to her service. Donna began her spiritual journey in the 1990's and has been fully committed from that day forward. Donna is a Master Practioner of Orgone Support.

Scott Moelich

Scott is from Michigan. He is an electronic musician and songwriter as well as a gifted digital artist. Scott has began his journey at the turn of the century and has been fully committed from that day forward. Scott is a shiney example of service, calm and peace.

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