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Intentional Orgone ~ 5G Pendant

Thank You for your Service


When we put our minds to anything, especially collectively, and then we agree it's reality,

whether it was real or not to begin with, we have now collectively co-created it - called it in.

All humans who are committed to service to Creator and the good of all,

have within a bright shining light.

Therefore those humans are always surrounded by darkness

in all things, all times, all dimensions, all planes. Do you get it?


What we are concerned with mostly is intention/commitment of Heart.

This affirmation is a contract. A new paradigm for co-creation in the 3D.

Your purchase of this pendant with this affirmation embedded

is your balance for the energies and assistance you will receive,

especially as it relates to 5G and it's effects.


Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart


We are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit.

And So It Is.

5G Affirmation Card 4x4.jpg
5G affirmation card back 4x4.jpg
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