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Manifestation Pendant

manifestation pendant.jpg

Manifestation of My Intent

I AM My I AM Presence.

I AM Spirit Made Flesh.

I AM A Sovereign Being.

I AM One With All There Was, Is Now, and Forever Will Be.

I AM Aware of Knowledge Beyond My Understanding.

I AM Aware of the Power and Consequences of Fear.

I AM Aware of the Power of Creation and Love.

I AM Clear and Focused, Free From Fear and Doubt.

I AM Humble and Grateful in My Intention.

I AM Intending that which is in the Highest and Best of All Beings and that which will result Free From Harm to Other Living Beings.

I AM Committed to My Intent and Am Willing to Participate in the Manifestation by Aligning My Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Deeds Accordingly.

I AM Beseeching Creator, Angels, Masters, Ancestors and other Unseen Guides for Assistance in the Manifestation of My Intent.

I Release with Gratitude All Attachment to My Intent and Trust the Highest and Best of All Will Result.

We Are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit ~ And So It Is.

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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