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Clearing & Healing Prayer ~ Rod ~ Pendant

Dear Family ~ Many Blessings


We Are in a Time of Great Changes ... With these Changes come Joy, Anguish and Chaos.


While Many may Believe these are Transcendent Times ... and Choose to ignore the darkness ... 

Others are Walking through the Tunnels with their Faith ... Knowing the Light is at the end of the Tunnel.


We are in Times of Great Changes ... Our Consciousness Will Determine the Course those Changes Take.


These Rods of Clearing and Healing have been Received and are now being Shared ...

with those of Our Family who are Committed to Service ... Joining in the Conscious Spiritual Revolution that is underway on Earth.


We offer these Rods of Clearing and Healing to our Brothers and Sisters ...

Who are Willing and Able to Stand in the Face of these Great Changes ... and be True to Christ Consciousness.


Not an easy Task with the adversity we Face ... It is a Simple Task for Those Who walk with Faith ...

In Our Earth & Human Creator ... and Know of the Consciousness we call Christ.

We Are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit ~ And So It Is!


Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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