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Dear Family ~ Many Blessings,

A Few Thoughts for January 11, 2017

One: A Single person or thing, viewed as take the place of a group.

Oh ~ move from I to WE and that makes one!

Spiritual Revolution: Collective Awareness We Are One!

Speak so that your Voice Follows the Rhythm of Your Heart!

Courage: Accepting the Truth of an Honest Self Appraisal and Choosing to Evolve Beyond It!

Our Collective Healing and Evolution awaits our Acceptance of this Reality here in this Dimension.

As long as any of us hold the Energies of Judgment, no matter the excuse or manifestation,

We hold our Collective Healing and Evolution in Bondage.

When Our Hearts and Minds are free of judgment,

there is a veil of sorts that lifts, and an energetic light fills our energy body ~ Love.

All other conceptualized manifestations of "LOVE" are born out of a flawed human construct. 

When our physical body faces challenges ... Trust in our Journey is paramount to our Evolution.

We Are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit ~ And So It Is!

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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