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Voting ~ 15th Amendment

Dear Family,

So much talk about voting and not voting.

So much talk about "the system" being a reason not to participate in the electoral process.

Everything we think, feel, say and do lays down energy on our GRID.

Voting is our right to be heard . . .

If you have decided to vote and voted . . . hallelujah you have used your voice and laid down energy on the GRID reinforcing our right to be heard.

If you have not voted . . . you have not spoken . . . you have not participated in our right to be heard . . . the energy that you have added to the GRID is that speaking our voice is futile . . . is this what you believe?

Let us talk about it some more. . . Imagine a United States with a three party system . . . imagine a day of voting where everyone who did not want to vote republican or democrat wrote in "three party system" . . . Imagine a United States that is no longer stuck in political polarization and getting things done . . . we ask you to vote and write in "three party system" and lay down your energy on the GRID in support of our right to be heard . . .

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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