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Prayer of Ascension ~ 2014

Prayer of Ascension

I Am my I Am Presence

I Am a Sovereign Being

I Am Peacefully Surrendering My Will to the Service of Father/Mother God as I understand God

I Am Receiving Source Love from the Central Sun Through My Crown Chakra, My Third Eye, My Throat Chakra, My Heart, My Solar Plexus, My Sacral, and My Root Chakra, through my feet to the Core of The Earth To Be Re Energized by Source Love from Gaia

Back up through the Core of the Earth through My feet, to my Root Chakra, My Sacral, My Solar Plexus, My heart, My Throat Chakra, My Third Eye and my Crown Chakra Up to The Central Sun to be Re Energized for All Infinity

I Am the Apex, I Am Clear, Grounded, Filled and Surrounded by Blue Source Love Light Energy

~ We Are One Mind, One Heart, One Soul, One Body ~

And So It Is!

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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