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Off Planetary Beings ~ 2017

Dear Family ~ Many Blessings,

When you have built a sufficient Hologram to share Truth ... it essentially becomes a part of the Collective Human Consciousness Grid.

When folks reach the vibration of the hologram they will know it as Truth because they will Experience the Hologram that has been Created.

My information is that Off Planetary Beings are not in Contact to save Humanity, but to assist us to Raise our Collective Human Consciousness Grid so that We do not destroy the Planet.

Additionally, myy information is that We need to Align Our Frequency (Know We Are One - get on the same channel), as well as Raise Our Vibration to Receive the assistance We need to heal Our Collective Grid so that we do not destroy the planet.

However, at this time, the majority of Humanity is choosing to live in fear, anger, judgment, separation, and arrogance.

When what We need is for 51% of US to live in Love, Understanding, Compassion, Peace, and Humility.

We Are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit ~ And So It Is!

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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