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Many Blessings to all beings and especially to those willing to experience these words we offer.


When we move into our Heart Center we recognize the experience of truth.

We would like to share a concept for our purposes.

KA is our spiritual soul – life force – conscience ~ RA is our light ascension to creator ~ MA – is our awareness of the unity of all things.


We can choose to bring our conscious life force into unity with all there is, ever was and ever will be and move into our light ascension with Creator. At this moment in time unity represents Earth as a container for all living beings and the remaining density to be cleared within the collective field. She will ascend as this container. There are those of us who have volunteered to clear the density of this container with unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Traditionally, it is known that all thoughts, feelings, judgments and behaviors create light and sound vibration that carries a certain frequency. The intention of the thought, judgment and behavior as well as the nature of the feeling will determine the vibration or density of the frequency. In our “One Body Post,” we spoke of the false belief systems that have been created. Clearing of the density that is created when our thought, feeling, judgment and behavior responses are based on false belief systems is necessary. We call this clearing our Karma. However, we are now using the concept KA.RA.MA. because we have brought in the unification principle of our collective ascension as One Body with Earth.

We are in a constant stream of experiences in the now moment. Living in our heart center awakens us to feeling our experience in the now moment and we can emanate our frequency into the collective field as a clearing. However, our ego wants control over the experience by knowing the cause and purpose of the feeling and will make up a story to explain the experience. Going into our minds and cataloging, judging and describing our experiences and the experiences of others are based on a false belief system that this process provides any significance.


Conversely this process reinforces separateness from our feelings and our experiences and lowers the collective vibration, thereby creating density on our planet and interfering with our KA.RA.MA.

We can choose to consciously recognize and express gratitude for the awareness of when we move from our heart and into our ego. Forgiving ourselves for the separation will raise our vibration and transmute the dense frequency creation and release it into our collective field as a frequency of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.


We release the need for feeling shame or defending ourselves from attack with rationalizations and excuses that will hold us in density. WE ARE Consciousness Grid is inviting us to come from our heart center in the now moment and experience our life force connecting in oneness with all there is, ever was and will ever be. In this way we bring useful information to our collective field and co-create with the existence of all living beings in unity and harmony with unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. In this way we are assisting KA.RA.MA. in our daily experience.

Intentional Creation thoughts come from an agenda to fulfill a desire. The requirements of the 3D existence necessitate balanced desires for food, shelter, clothing and companionship. As a consequence of our false belief systems, some of us experience an imbalanced desire for control and dominion while others of us experience an imbalanced desire to release ourselves from the collective responsibility for the density within our collective field.


Our ability to line up our energy field behind our intentions and remain disciplined and consistent will determine the success or failure of our intentional thought creation. The balance of our desire that manifested the intention is directly proportional to the vibrational light and sound energy frequency that is released into our collective field. Clearing the vibrational light and sound density that has been created by our imbalanced agendas is necessary.

Divine inspiration thoughts come from the collective consciousness field. The collective consciousness field is a container of higher vibration messages. Some of these messages come from our enlightened experiences emanating vibration and coding our collective consciousness field. While others are codes, images, symbols and sounds from higher beings who would wish to assist us without direct interference. As our vibrations rise, we are able to receive these messages.

Great philosophy, music, paintings, inventions and social change have come from this field. When we have exercised discipline of our egos, and have aligned our spiritual bodies with Creator, we are living in our heart center and are ready to receive messages from this field and benefit all living beings. However, it is necessary for us all to recognize there are beings that would benefit from our misuse of this field and have taught some of us to use our sovereignty to access this field and use it for personal benefit.

When we actively seek information from this collective field, we are sending out an energetic filament of our life force and connecting it to the collective field, in the meantime, the beings that will benefit from this action are able to siphon our life force as well as the vibration of the collective field.


I AM statements also become a beacon for these beings because most use this phrase from our egos and lack the humility and integrity to hold this vibration. When we are forced to see our ego’s misuse of consciousness we are quick to claim I AM human to absolve ourselves from our created density.


We are asking all to examine closely our intention and agendas when accessing this field for our personal benefit and to recognize the density that is released into the collective field which will interfere with KA.RA.MA.


Moving into WE ARE Consciousness calls in the web of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness that is contained within the crystalline filaments of this Grid. We Are statements disperse density, false belief systems and beings who would benefit from our misuse of consciousness.

WE ARE Sovereign Beings, WE ARE One with all there is, all that has ever been, and all there will ever be.


WE ARE one body, one mind, one heart, one field, and WE ARE ascension in unity with Earth.


WE ARE responsible for all creation, WE ARE responsible for all healing, and WE ARE responsible for our light. Our light disperses all density, all fear, and all madness.

We Are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit ~ And So It Is!

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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