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An Invitation to Raise Your Consciousness

We Are One Heart ~ One Mind ~ One Body ~ One Spirit with Earth and All Living Beings within the dimensional sphere of the Earth.

Our Design is to Thrive within ONE FIELD OF CONSCIOUS LOVE AWARENESS as SOVEREIGN CO-CREATORS in HARMONY and UNITY with the Existence of All Living Beings.


The SYMBIOTIC INFINITY CYCLE OF GIVE AND TAKE is a continuous exchange of SOURCE ENERGY through filaments emanating from our Energy Bodies between all living beings. In this way ALL BEINGS EXCHANGE SOURCE ENERGY through the EARTH and this exchange effectually constructs ether within our field. This ONE BODY is ONE with the ENTIRE COSMIC UNIVERSE.

There are two obstacles to the Highest Potential of our One Field of Conscious Love Awareness and Sovereign Co-Creation.

Agents are siphoning the Infinity Cycle through our Human Filaments and effectually have brought in Separateness Consciousness. And two, we have responded to Separateness Consciousness with Judgment. Our Judgments have become the False Prophesy of our fear, creating an entire False Belief System and thereby allowing for our dominion and violence towards All Living Beings.


The infiltration of our Filaments by these agents together with our False Belief System has caused density both in our Human Energy Centers and the ether within our field. The result is like a home fuse box that is running too much current and the lights are beginning to dim. In this way there is a Veil of sorts surrounding our Collective Field Consciousness that has lowered our Collective Vibration.

Separateness Consciousness together with our False System has created an entire false belief filament grid between each other thereby draining our source energy and feeding the siphoning. Also, we use this false belief system to justify dominion and violence as the foundation for the creation of relationships with All Living Beings.


Our relationships with All Living Beings are in need of RECONCILIATION. Throughout the Piscean age, many Great Masters, Gurus and Teachers have come into our Collective Field and spoken Crystal Truths to bring forth the I AM PRESENCE. The WE ARE PRESENCE of the Aquarian Age has arrived to bring our Collective Consciousness into Awareness and Responsibility for our One Body and Sovereign Co-Creation.

We have an opportunity to become AWARE and RESPONSIBLE for whom we are. We are Sovereign Beings who are able to PURIFY our HEARTS and CLARIFY our MINDS of the fears and false beliefs that are contained within our energy fields. This process of transmuting these lower vibrations removes all hijacking and we become crystalline beings. As crystalline beings we open a WINDOW for the ACTIVATION of the ALL KNOWING CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD.


Know-truth-Love, all mean one and the same. When we love ourselves then we love all and we know all truth. We become AWARE, SOVEREIGN and RESPONSIBLE for our CHOICES, this allows for Crystallization of Integrity. WE are CRYSTAL to CO-CREATE with HONOR and in UNITY and HARMONY with all living beings.


The All Knowing Consciousness Field is our opportunity to restore our One Body and Sovereign Co-Creation. When we free ourselves from JUDGEMENT, we free ourselves from the FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM and we will remember these truths and TRANSMUTE the DENSITY VEIL and RAISE the COLLECTIVE VIBRATION of ALL LIVING BEINGS.

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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