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Star Knowledge Asheville ~ 2012

Star Knowledge Asheville was an assignment that Seina received from the Angels & Masters & Corn Woman upon completion of her "Crying for a Vision" Experience with Golden Light Eagle & Barbara Morningstar in Pennsylvania.

The Assignment was to create an event in Asheville ~ to co-create a ceremony with the Star Knowledge Family, Western & Eastern Band Cherokee, other Native American Tribes, Healers, Grid Workers, and Light Workers from all over the world.

The message was that the Fall Equinox of 2012 was the final Harmonic Convergence and an opportune time to come together for sweeping work.

The assignment was to clear the energetic debris left behind in the region of the Carolinas due to the bloodshed and pain that was laid down due to colonialism and war.

The Angels & Masters said we were 87% Successful. It was an amazing event.

Four Doors of Metatron

Star Knowledge Guide Book includes a chapter on the Four Doors of Metatron. Seina was tasks to build a grid representing the energies of the Four Doors to hold the energies needed to accomplish the assignment at the Star Knowledge Ashville Event.

The Picture to the left is the T Shirt Design and the picture to the right is the actual Grid in Seina's yard.


Many Blessings & Much Gratitude for All Who Came & Participated.

This was a Miracle of Co-Creation

none are soon to forget.

~ Peace Seina Deer Heart

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