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Faith vs Fear ~ 2017

Fear vs Faith


Fear is a great motivator.

Fear being the lack of Faith.

Faith in Goodness, Faith in Creator, Faith in Humanity, Faith in Love.

Fear keeps us from seeing the darkness in ourselves, and the Light in Others.

Fear causes us to distort and interpret information to bring a "false" sense of security, and power in "knowing."

Fear is put down when we have the Courage:

to walk through dark tunnels, Trusting in the Light,

taking a look at ourselves with Honest appraisal,

Making time to Quiet our Minds,

Surrendering to powerlessness,

Accepting we don't have all the answers,

Living in the "NOW," and putting down the compulsion to "judge,"

and finally, awaken to:

We are One Heart, One Mind, One Body, One Spirit.

And So It Is.

Peace ~ Seina Deer Heart

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